The Economic Impact of Violence in the Workplace of Healthcare Organizations

Workplace violence is a real epidemic in the healthcare industry. Hospitals and other healthcare organizations are often a highly emotional space filled with many people. This creates a deadly combination when someone lashes out. Whether someone is upset about aRead More

All About Our Four-Pillar Approach

Preparing your healthcare staff for the potential for workplace violence is vital. Healthcare workers face the risk for violence in the workplace on a daily basis. While the looming threat can be overwhelming, your staff can feel better prepared afterRead More

Planning for the Unthinkable … Healthcare Response to Armed Violent Intruders

By Mike Murray, Mitigation Dynamics Institute When my colleagues and I first entered into the world of healthcare consulting several years ago, we were shocked at the frequency of violence. Among other things, we discovered that 1 out of everyRead More

All About MDI’S Vulnerability Assessments

As a healthcare organization, it’s important to do all you can to protect your staff day in and day out. While proper training can be conducted, you may still have vulnerabilities for your hospital. As an experienced violence mitigation company,Read More

All About Our Workplace Violence Mitigation System

The looming threat of violence in the workplace is an everyday concern, especially in the healthcare industry. Keeping patients, visitors, physicians, and staff safe in such a dynamic environment requires unique principles, techniques and procedures. The training and consulting thatRead More

Welcome to Mitigation Dynamics Institute’s Blog

Welcome to our blog! In our weekly blog series, you can find interesting content about our business, training opportunities, and other helpful tips about our industry. We look forward to sharing more about our risk mitigation business! If you areRead More

Patient Attacks 3 Okla. Hospital Employees With Knife

Gunman who shot 3 at Florida State University was former student, lawyer, law enforcement official says>

3 California sheriffs’ deputies, bystander shot

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Lathrop, MO student pulls gun during lunch period

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