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Welcome to our blog! In our weekly blog series, you can find interesting content about our business, training opportunities, and other helpful tips about our industry. We look forward to sharing more about our risk mitigation business! If you are curious about Mitigation Dynamics Incorporated, take a look below.

About MDI:
Mitigation Dynamics Institute (MDI), is a healthcare focused firm specializing in regulatory compliance and workplace violence mitigation. Partnering with healthcare organizations to empower the lives of those who save lives, is our “WHY”.

Today’s reality is that the complexity of doing more with less unintentionally leaves patients and professionals vulnerable. Healthcare organizations want their staff fully compliant and thus empowered to solidify a safe and quality patient care experience. MDI delivers principally based solutions to do just that!

MDI employs an unrivaled Workplace Violence Mitigation System utilizing a unique four-pillar approach proven to effectively address patient behavior management and/or armed violent intruder response events. The foundation of this building block approach accentuates the existing levels of emotional intelligence, thus empowering the healthcare professional to cognitively recognize, and properly respond to behaviors consistent with client dissatisfaction or dangerous situations. These personal tools equate to life safety skills, and absolutely enhance employee engagement, patient experience and personnel retention far beyond any didactic session; as the various evolutions of MDI training engage the mind, body and soul of the professional.
MDI content experts with decades of experience partner with healthcare organizations to identify gaps and solutions to meet the robust nature of regulatory compliance that is now expected by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and accrediting bodies such as The Joint Commission (TJC). The current “see it, cite it” occurrences are most often avoidable when regulatory assessments and mock surveys are conducted in advance. Whether physical environment, emergency management, physical security, access control or specialized areas such as ligature risk assessment and diagnostic imaging; MDI content experts insulate healthcare organizations from the complexity of CMS regulations. TEAM MDI is your solution.

Through our various training techniques, you can help your business learn various protection techniques for your healthcare facility. Be sure to check back to our blog on a regular basis to stay updated on the latest in the mitigation industry. Don’t forget to check out our social media sites, as well. Our violence mitigation company can help you protect your staff and patients!


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