All About Our Workplace Violence Mitigation System

The looming threat of violence in the workplace is an everyday concern, especially in the healthcare industry. Keeping patients, visitors, physicians, and staff safe in such a dynamic environment requires unique principles, techniques and procedures. The training and consulting thatRead More

Welcome to Mitigation Dynamics Institute’s Blog

Welcome to our blog! In our weekly blog series, you can find interesting content about our business, training opportunities, and other helpful tips about our industry. We look forward to sharing more about our risk mitigation business! If you areRead More

Workplace Violence Statistics

Workplace Violence Statistics: 97% of physical assaults on staff are perpetrated by patients or their family members. 80% of physical assaults on staff occur in patient rooms. 38% of physical assaults on staff occur during triage or initial assessment. 33%Read More

Armed Violent Intruders Stats for 2012-2013

As of July 14, 2013, there have been 39 Armed Violent Intruder (A.V.I.) shootings in the United States. Mitigation Dynamics Inc. (MDI) tracks these statistics. The rate of incidents is slightly lower than the previous year at the same point.Read More