Natural and man-made disasters are usually unpredictable occurrences. Is your organization prepared for an unforeseen crisis? That’s what the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Service’s Emergency Preparedness guidelines are all about. Is your organization one of the 17 which needsRead More

All About Our Four-Pillar Approach

Preparing your healthcare staff for the potential for workplace violence is vital. Healthcare workers face the risk for violence in the workplace on a daily basis. While the looming threat can be overwhelming, your staff can feel better prepared afterRead More

All About Our Workplace Violence Mitigation System

The looming threat of violence in the workplace is an everyday concern, especially in the healthcare industry. Keeping patients, visitors, physicians, and staff safe in such a dynamic environment requires unique principles, techniques and procedures. The training and consulting thatRead More

Virginia Tech President to Retire

Charles Steger, the Virginia Tech University president who led the college during the 2007 mass shooting, this week announced plans to retire as soon as a successor is found. Dr. Steger,  65, has had a long Virginia Tech career, as a student,Read More

Accused Terror Teacher Released

Accused Terror Teacher Released From Rikers Island After Threatening Columbine-like Killing Spree A high school teacher in Brooklyn, N.Y., was released from New York City’s Rikers Island on bail on Sunday after being charged with making a terroristic threat. TheRead More

2012 Campus Safety Magazine Opinion Survey

Survey Says 46% of 630 Campuses Don’t Have Enough Staff to Respond Appropriately to Emergencies A 2012 Campus Safety Magazine opinion survey was administered to over 630 campus protection stakeholders. The following safety issues were revealed: “Almost half (46%) ofRead More

Armed Violent Intruders Stats for 2012-2013

As of July 14, 2013, there have been 39 Armed Violent Intruder (A.V.I.) shootings in the United States. Mitigation Dynamics Inc. (MDI) tracks these statistics. The rate of incidents is slightly lower than the previous year at the same point.Read More