Personal Protection

Personal Protection

Protection agents at Mitigation Dynamics, Inc. (MDI) have extensive problem solving experience in real world critical incidents and have served executives, dignitaries, celebrities and everyday citizens. We recognize that our protection agents not only represent MDI, but the client and client associates as well. As a result, each agent is subjected to an extensive vetting process by MDI’s executive board to ensure agents with exceptional personal and professional skills will represent all parties.

MDI protection agents have a genuine passion for the well-being of humanity and take great pride in maintaining a current profile of needs for each individual client. Our agents possess diverse backgrounds ranging from current and former law enforcement to military personnel; some of whom maintain a Top Secret security clearance through the United States Federal Government.

Clients in all protection segments have heightened security concerns as a result of rising safety challenges; therefore our business model is even more relevant today given the current economic pressures that our clients and client associates endure. Since inception, MDI has demonstrated the ability to remain flexible to client objectives and budgets, while maintaining a commitment to be an industry competitor for our level of services.

I would highly recommend MDI to any organizer or individual. They have always gone above and beyond the call of duty and delivered exceptional results.
- Alex Poulter
Owner |  
HealthEdata, Political CHIPS, Capstone Artists, Inc.

Corporate Security

MDI protection agents work with corporations to supplement their current security programs in order to address highly specialized safety challenges. Our extensively trained staff can enhance current corporate security resources and implement specialized executive protection and personal protective details; to include, 24-hour coverage at officers’ residences, physical security site survey reports, security enhancement recommendations to existing corporate security personnel procedures and facility security programs and consultation with Human Resource departments in the implementation and management of workplace violence programs.


Public Figure Protection

Historically, only government officials and dignitaries had the resource of a well-trained and professional security detail. Today, private citizens with high public profiles are faced with security and safety issues far exceeding those in public service. In many ways, our approach to protection is similar to those agencies at the highest levels of government. We believe that a serious approach to protection goes far beyond simply hiring an overly large, untrained individual to accompany a client. Our agents maintain ongoing professional training in the field of public protection.

Although we require our agents to meet physical strength and agility requirements that exceed those of law enforcement agencies, a primary requirement is an intellectual approach that ensures they have the savvy, knowledge and “real world experience” necessary to respond to any emergency. Additionally, our agents meet the following standards:

Extensive background and drug screening / First aid and CPR certified / Strict confidentiality agreements / Armed and unarmed agent training in defensive tactics & arrest procedures / High ethical, moral and professional standards / Continuing education and training in detail preparation and advance.


Concert Tour Security

MDI provides protection and logistical support to musical artists during worldwide concert tours. Our agents have worked security for large and widely publicized tours. Agents work closely with tour managers to coordinate security advance arrangements of airports, ground transportation, hotels, hospitals, venues and restaurants in each city. During an artist’s down time, agents often make special private arrangements for sightseeing, hobby activities, shopping and other interests.

At venues, agents thoroughly inspect the immediate area(s) the artist’s will occupy to ensure hazards are mitigated and proper security measures are in place prior to the artist’s arrival. Artists have the option to utilize various technologies available, such as panic signaling devices, equipment and portable alarm systems. Our agents give artists the peace of mind to concentrate on what they do best – entertain their fans.


Special Event Security

Public figures already face unprecedented public and media attention. This attention grows exponentially during widely publicized special events such as award shows, movie premieres, publicity tours, book signings and guest appearances. Milestone events such as weddings and child births can result in media frenzy with tabloids placing a premium price on an “exclusive photo” that can be pursued at all costs. Our staff has the ability to successfully maintain the safety and privacy of all clients.


Event Logistics and Planning

Logistical preparation is the most important initial phase of a protection detail and it is our specialty.  We will ensure that the client’s safety and specific needs are provided with a minimum of inconvenience; to include, safe and efficient arrivals and departures from airports, hotels, public appearances, restaurants, etc. Our agents will handle or assist the client’s staff in facilitating all aspects ranging from travel arrangements to pre-planning events. We will coordinate with our Behavioral Assessment Specialists to perform a threat assessment of active pursuers and/or high-risk locations to ensure agents are completely familiar with the environment the client will occupy.


Travel Advisories

Travel advisory consultation is another service MDI provides to clients. The spirit of being an informed traveler is to pro-actively avoid potential hazards. A comprehensive assessment is generated based on the clients' relative circumstances, destination and purpose of travel. Elements of the assessment include known and unknown threats to clients’ personal safety arising from political unrest, lawlessness, violence, natural disasters, epidemics and anti-American demonstrations. In addition, our staff coordinates and gathers information from the U.S. State Department and the U.S. Embassy or Consulate in the subject country to provide a full range of travel advisory notices. Additionally, we address health conditions and how to obtain medical treatment abroad, immunization checklists, unusual currency and entry regulations along with crime and security information.