Shocking Statistics about Armed Violent Intruders

In 2017, there were over 80 incidents involving an armed violent intruder in our country. This number just keeps growing. This is a scary truth about the world we live in. Armed intruders are targeting healthcare organizations for a numberRead More

We’re THANKFUL For Our Clients & Trainees!

With the holiday season upon us, we want to take some time to reflect on another great year at Mitigation Dynamics Institute. We’ve had some big changes take place. From new regulations on the healthcare industry to increasing our trainingRead More

Scary Stats About Healthcare Violence

Halloween is a busy time for many in the healthcare industry. After all, it’s one of the most dangerous nights for pedestrians. As we near in on this festive holiday celebrated across the country, it’s a great time to talkRead More

Ways Your Staff Can Benefit from Armed Violent Intruder Response (A.V.I.R.) Training

Do your staff members know what to do if someone walks into your hospital with a gun? While this is a scary scenario, it happens more often than we think. There are certain precautions and mitigation techniques that your teamRead More


Natural and man-made disasters are usually unpredictable occurrences. Is your organization prepared for an unforeseen crisis? That’s what the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Service’s Emergency Preparedness guidelines are all about. Is your organization one of the 17 which needsRead More

The Difference Between CMS & TJC Surveys

It’s important to make sure your healthcare organization is up to code and meeting standards, especially since there are more regulations in place as of recent. As your experienced physical environment risk mitigation company, we want to help you stayRead More

Reasons to Focus on the Physical Environment of Your Hospital

The regulatory landscape is on the change. With the new requirements for healthcare organizations regarding the physical environment, it’s important that your hospital is working toward the new compliance requirements. As your healthcare violence mitigation company, we work hard everyRead More

New Compliance Regulations from the Joint Commission

Is your healthcare organization in compliance with the NEW regulations from The Joint Commission? Sentinel Event Alert #59 (April, 2018) is specifically about physical and verbal violence against healthcare workers putting YOUR workplace violence program under the microscope. As yourRead More

Surprising Statistics about Workplace Violence in the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry is highly susceptible to workplace violence. That’s why we’ve focused our specialization in regulatory compliance and workplace violence mitigation company to help those in healthcare organizations. Here at Mitigation Dynamics Institute, we pride ourselves on helping saveRead More