2012 Campus Safety Magazine Opinion Survey

Survey Says 46% of 630 Campuses Don’t Have Enough Staff to Respond Appropriately to Emergencies

A 2012 Campus Safety Magazine opinion survey was administered to over 630 campus protection stakeholders. The following safety issues were revealed:

  • “Almost half (46%) of respondents said their public safety/emergency management departments do not have enough staff to respond appropriately to incidents.”
  • “Over a quarter said their campus is not adequately prepared to respond to an active shooter or bomber incident.”

This data underscores the real need campuses have for an Emergency Notification System and training in active shooter response and incident command. MDI offers both: entitled Incident Command Activation Response Training (I.C.A.R.T.) and Armed Violent Intruder Response (A.V.I.R.).

Are you and your school campus prepared for the unthinkable?



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