Incident Command Activation Response Training


Incident Command Activation Response Training (I.C.A.R.T.)

Mitigation Dynamics, Inc. (MDI) offers an Incident Command Activation Response Training (I.C.A.R.T.) for hospitals. The I.C.A.R.T. utilizes proven principals from MDI’s Armed Violent Intruder Response (A.V.I.R.) curriculum, as well as real world, critical incident problem solving experiences. The objective of I.C.A.R.T. is to provide hospital incident command personnel with an enhanced, proactive response to a violent intruder. The program is designed to ensure a cohesive compatibility with the Hospital Incident Command System (HICS), National Incident Management System (NIMS) and the The Joint Commission (TJC), through the application of a scenario-based Incident Command System (ICS) activation.

The I.C.A.R.T. is intended for hospital executives, administrators, directors, managers, key hospital personnel (nursing supervisors, physicians) and any additional hospital personnel who may be involved in the activation of ICS during an armed violent intruder response. Mindful that training time is often at a premium for hospital management, MDI customized the I.C.A.R.T. framework to consist of a 4 to 6 hour training evolution that encompasses a dynamic classroom presentation, exigent ICS activation, intense scenario-based drilling and a comprehensive “hot wash.”

...Extremely impressed! If your company is serious about protecting your employees in the workplace from a very real danger, you should attend a session from MDI.  

- Mick Koch
Business Continuity Coordinator |  
Capitol Federal Savings

Approximately 40% of all businesses that encounter disastrous events fail to reopen

An armed violent intruder incident will dramatically impact the continuity of service throughout hospital departments. It will result in department overload pertaining to existing personnel, supplies, equipment and property. Approximately 40% of all businesses that encounter disastrous events fail to reopen due to loss of revenue, lawsuits and/or loss of reputation. Additionally, 25% of the businesses that manage to reopen close within one year. The comprehensive training provided by MDI’s I.C.A.R.T. will better equip hospital personnel with tools to face this ever increasing challenge.

As a result of conducting numerous incident command exercises for 1000's of healthcare professionals, MDI created the ICS – Action Step Series. The ICS - Action Step Series is a principally-based, comprehensive, step-by-step guide for healthcare professionals who are activating their Incident Command structure in response to an armed violent intruder. This guide is specifically designed to supplement the Hospital Incident Command System (HICS) Job Action Sheets (JAS), by outlining a step-by-step process to facilitate an enhanced and deliberate ICS response to the dynamic, unforgiving circumstances of an armed violent intruder.