Shocking Statistics about Armed Violent Intruders

In 2017, there were over 80 incidents involving an armed violent intruder in our country. This number just keeps growing. This is a scary truth about the world we live in. Armed intruders are targeting healthcare organizations for a number of reasons. They are a place filled with many people, they are a place of high-emotion, and they can do a lot of damage in a place like a hospital. A healthcare organization is supposed to be a place of healing, but some people have turned it into a target for an active shooter.

Here at TEAM MDI, we know how impactful an armed violent intruder can be for a healthcare organization. An incident can be financially detrimental, as well as damage a healthcare organizations’ reputation.

Shocking Stats About Armed Violent Intruders:
The armed violent intruder at Virginia Tech University murdered 32 people and wounded 25 others within 7 minutes …
The armed violent intruder at the movie theater in Aurora, Colorado murdered 12 people and wounded 58 others within 5 minutes …
The armed violent intruder at Sandy Hook Elementary School murdered 26 people and wounded 2 others within minutes …
Collectively these incidents equate to a murder attempt every 6-10 seconds …
How Mitigation Dynamics Institute Can Help:
MDI has presented their lifesaving Armed Violent Intruder Response (A.V.I.R.) training curriculum to 1,000’s of healthcare professionals across the United States. As a result of the overwhelmingly positive response to the dynamic lecture and breakout sessions, MDI has created an Online Training Series.
The A.V.I.R. online training segment has been specifically customized for healthcare professionals and exceeds regulations set forth by CMS, The Joint Commission and OSHA. It contains the core elements of MDI’s principally-based doctrine that was created to empower healthcare professionals through a series of reactive, principally-based action steps. Designed to be utilized as a quick response guide, it assists with proper decision making during the threat of an armed violent intruder.
Dynamic, lifesaving, proactive action steps, such as MDI’s Out Principles, are discussed and demonstrated in detail. The various principles and strategies relating to restricting access and limiting the mobility of an armed violent intruder are also illustrated. This online training segment reveals various techniques that will enhance healthcare professionals’ existing skill set and further empower them to identify and recognize various danger cues in order to properly react.
Team MDI continues to employ extensive, real world, problem solving experience to create cutting edge training doctrine customized for the healthcare industry. The collective goal is to assist organizations in providing a safe environment for all patients, visitors, physicians and staff so they may continue to prosper in their endeavor to save lives.

Now that you know how our healthcare workplace violence company can help your organization through our training, you’re ready to contact us to set up a training session for your healthcare organization. We can come to your facility and offer hands-on training to help empower your staff to know exactly what to do if an armed violent intruder enters the building. Contact us at 816.251.4567 or to learn more!



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